Aconcagua at sunrise showing the Polish Glacier

At the Puenta del Inca, or Incan Bridge, near the trailhead to Aconcagua

The Rio Vacas trailhead to the Polish Glacier route up Aconcagua

Starting up the Rio Vacas on the first day

Camp at the "Casa Piedra", or Stone house at 3,200 meters

Crossing the Rio Vacas at the Casa Piedra camp into the Relinchos Valley

Baby wild Guanaco in the Vacas Valley near our camp

Many river crossings are required on the 3-day approach to the base camp

Mules carry all the loads up to base camp at 4,200 meters

Great bouldering opportunities on the approach

Bouldering in the Relinchos Valley

More river crossings with Aconcagua in the background

Mule train heading out from base camp

Approaching the "Plaza Argentina" Base Camp

Travelling through "Penitentes" on the way up to Camp I

The Penitentes can be over 2 meters in height

Camp at 5, 300 meters

View of the Polish Glacier from high camp at 5, 800 meters

Crossing snow slopes on summit day at 6,000 meters

The highest shelter at Indepencia at 6,100 meters

The final slopes to the summit of Aconcagua

The summit of Aconcagua on a clear day

Summit with some snow showers

The final wave goodbye from one of our Mule drivers...